New order to do a QUALITY ASSESSMENT in the field of explosive detection dogs for aviation security for an international client. 




23-02-2012 'France Government'

5 out of 5 explosive detection dog combinations (dog + hander) for air cargo screening, trained and educated by THEM International Detection Dog Institute, have successfully passed the tests of the France government in France. More will follow.



17-02-2012 'Visit from Turkey'

2 guests from Turkey (Aviation Security) came over to The Netherlands for a 3 day visit at THEM International Detection Dog Institute. 



06-02-2012 '2 New Training Locations'

With the 2 new locations, THEM has over 10 different training locations.



31-01-2012 '2 New International Orders'

THEM has 2 new international orders this month to train explosive detection dogs and explosive detection dog handlers. The explosive detection dog teams of both orders will be deployed at international airports to screen air cargo. 



25-01-2012 'Interview BNR'

The managing director of THEM International Detection Dog Institute gave an interview on BNR (Business News Radio).  



27-12-2011 'QUALITY ASSESSMENT at 2 International Airports'

THEM has conducted QUALITY ASSESSMENTs of explosive detection dog teams at 2 international airports. The management wanted to have insight in how the explosive detection dog teams did their work. The purpose of the QUALITY ASSESSMENT-report is not to punish people, but to improve people and bring (inter)national security to a higher level.



08-12-2011 'New International Order'

THEM has a new order to train explosive detection dog teams (dogs + dog handlers) including maintenance courses for an international client. The dogs and handlers get fully trained in the Netherlands.



07-12-2011 'European Commission'

THEM has been invited at the European Commission in Brussels. Subject of the meeting was: EU quality standards for explosive detection dog teams in general (not only for aviation security) and quality control of the detection dog teams. 



24-11-2011 'New Order: Explosive Detection Dog Teams'

THEM has a new order to train explosive detection dog teams for a non-governmental client. The explosive detection dog handler course includes the bomb scout IED course.  



18-11-2011 'New International Order'

For a client in South America. This time not detection dogs to detect explosives, but to detect narcotics



26-10-2011 'Great Test Results'

Explosive detection dog teams trained by THEM have been tested by the national Bomb Squad (not the Dutch Bomb Squad) at an international airport in Europe. The explosive detection dog teams are deployed by a client to screen air cargo. The results were very good, showing that the detection dogs recognise all explosive elements. Conclusion of client and Bomb Squad: the explosive detection dogs and explosive detection dog handlers trained according the training programs of THEM are very successful.


Note: THEM is waiting for permission of the Bomb Squad to publish the test results.



12-09-2011  'EU Conference Poland'

THEM was as only non-governmental detection dog training institute invited to join the EU conference in Poland. Theme of the conference was EU standards for canine teams (detection dog teams and use of force dog teams). 32 countries were represented.


There is EU legislation regarding canine teams. However, the implementation varies enormously from country to country, and thus the quality. During the conference there was agreement that only the highest quality standards are good enough and that the quality of canine teams in each country should be the same. There is a need for centrally (EU level) organized quality control and not only at national level. The next challenge is to update EU legislation containing the highest standards. 




30-06-2011  'New International Order'

THEM has a new international order to train explosive detection dogs and explosive detection dog handlers for air cargo screening.



06-06-2011  'Visiting the UEA'

As result of the visit early this month THEM was invited by the United Arab Emirates government to come over. Different demonstrations were organised for THEM. THEM will provide a list of potential improvements and training courses to bring the quality to a higher level.



02-05-2011  'Visit from the UAE'

THEM had an important 4 day visit from the United Arab Emirates government. Main subjects: explosive detection dog training, explosive detection dog handlers courses, bomb scout IED course, quality control and quality standards of THEM. 



29-04-2011  'GREAT NEWS: THEM is E.U. certified'

THEM is the first detection dog training institute that is European certified.




07-04-2011   'On front page with Dutch Prime Minister'

THEM was together with the Dutch Prime Minister on the front page of the FD (Financial Daily).  



06-04-2011   'Support of the Dutch Prime Minister'

THEM met Mr. Rutte, Prime Minister of The Netherlands, in Den Haag. The subject was E.U. related. As a result Mr. Rutte gave his cell phone number and his support. 



21-03-2011   'New Order: Explosive Detection Dog Teams'

THEM International Detection Dog Institute got a new order to train explosive detection dog teams for an international client. 




14-03-2011   'East Europe'

THEM has been to East Europe for a 4 day business trip to meet senior officials of the Ministry of Internat Affairs, State Border Control, Security Service, State Customs, Police Departments and aviation sercurity of International Airports.



24-02-2011   'Department for Transport (UK)'

Senior officials of the Department for Transport of the UK government were visiting THEM in the Netherlands. THEM is fulfilling an advisory role regarding the requirements and quality standards for explosive detection dogs for aviation security and cargo screening. Futhermore THEM has been giving demonstrations of training techniques, different search methodes, role of the dog handler and abilities of detection dogs.


13-02-2011   `Middle East´

THEM delivers first detection dog and discuss further business.  



18-11-2010   'New order'

New order from an international security company in the field of explosive detection for cargo screening.



16-11-2010   'Business trip to Germany'

THEM has been to Germany for a three day business trip.



12-11-2010   'New order: Explosive Detection Dog Teams'

New order to provide explosive detection dogs and to train explosive detection dog handlers (standard with 'Bomb Scout IED'-course) for an international organization.



03-11-2010   'Visit from Ireland'

A client from Ireland came over for a three day visit. They joined THEM during training and plans are made to introduce the quality standards of THEM in Ireland.



24-10-2010   'Invited to come over to Egypt'

THEM has been invited by a potential distributor/ client to come over to Egypt. There is much interested in our quality standards, especially for explosive detection. 



21-10-2010   'QUALITY ASSESSMENT at International Airport' 

THEM has been asked to analyse and advice with regard to the deployment of the explosive detection dog teams at an international airport. A report is written and THEM is asked to implement the improvements and to provide the maintenance courses.




21-10-2010   'Best Bomb-Detector is a Dog'

"Drones, metal detectors, chemical sniffers, and super spycams - forget 'em. The leader of the Pentagon's multi-billion military task force to stop improvised bombs says there's nothing in the U.S. arsenal for bomb detection more powerful than a dog's nose." Click link to read the whole article. 



08-10-2010   'Security Essen 2010'

You could have met THEM at Security Essen 2010, the world form for security and fire prevention.



24-09-2010   'Testing potential of green dog'

THEM is asked by a Dutch client to test the potential of a green dog. If the dog has the potential, this client want to use the dog as patrol dog. For a short period THEM will keep the dog at their facility for observation and to do different tests to determine its ability.



23-09-2010   'Weblog: Detection Dog Awareness by THEM'

THEM has launched a new weblog. The goal of the weblog is to make people aware of the difference in quality of detection dogs, dog handlers and instructors. By sharing findings, information and cases, THEM hopes that people make the right choices when it is about purchasing detection dogs, training programs for dog handlers, hiring detection dog teams or selecting instructors/ training institutes. No concessions regarding quality.



16-09-2010   'Explosive Detection Dog Handler Course'

THEM has been training and educating explosive detection dog handlers for a Dutch security company. These gentlemen are trained as explosive detection dog handler to screen cargo at Airport Schiphol (the Netherlands).



10-08-2010   'THEM launches QUALITY ASSESSMENT' 

THEM has launched a new service: the QUALITY ASSESSMENT for detection dog teams. THEM offers this service for governmental organizations as well as non-governmental organizations worldwide. Detection dog teams can go trough a QUALITY ASSESSMENT before, during or after they are purchased, hired or deployed. The quality of detection dog teams varies worldwide. A QUALITY ASSESSMENT can prevent future (financial) damage.


Tags: quality control, detection dogs



04-08-2010   'Meeting South African Police Service'

The director of the South African Police Service (SAPS) was here in the Netherlands to meet with THEM. She was fully aware of the difference in quality of training institutes, training programs, detection dogs and detection dog handlers. It was great to talk with someone who takes this subject just as serious as THEM. Also nice to mention: the director highlighted results of a study done by Wim Dam (Technical director THEM).  



15-07-2010   'Dual purpose detection dog'

THEM started training a dual purpose detection dog to detect cash and narcotics for a client from Ireland.



07-07-2010   'IED Awareness training'

Today THEM was providing an IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) Awareness training for members of a Dutch NGO who go to Afghanistan.



30-06-2010   'New European regulations'

The European Commission published the new regulations (EU Regulation No. 573/2010) for Explosive Detection Dogs regarding aviation security. EU Regulation No. 573/2010 is an amending on EU Regulation No. 185/2010. The Quality Handbook for Explosive Detection Dogs, written by THEM, played a prominent role at the development of the new EU regulations. 



21-06-2010   'Detection dog training'

Today was the kick-off of the Explosive Detection Dog Handler training program for four trainees of a Dutch security company.



19-05-2010   'Innovation Congress Safety 2010'

THEM was one of the participants of the Innovation Congress Safety 2010, organized by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Many people were interested in our quality handbook for Explosive Detection Dogs. Again, the need for official certification was confirmed. This time not only by the Ministry of Justice, but also by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Next steps are taken. 



04-05-2010   'Dutch Ministry of Justice'

THEM had a meeting at the Dutch Ministery of Justice's headquarters in Den Haag to discuss the possibilities of regulation and certification with regard to explosive detection dogs in the Netherlands.



16-03-2010   'NATO'

THEM was selected by the NATO to present their training and education programs in front of 19 countries. The subject of the meeting: Force Protection & Defence against Terrorism.



13-01-2010   'Counsel of Accreditation'

THEM had their first meeting with the Dutch Counsel of Accreditation, one step closer to launch the European Certification for Explosive Detection Dogs. 



01-01-2010   'THEM International Detection Dog Institute'

Wim Dam (technical director) and Tim Wortman (managing director) have combined their knowledge, experience and drive for continuous improvement to bring (inter)national security to a higher level. 


It is not about us, it is about THEM. THEM is the society.