THEM has many years of experience in providing detection dog and dog handlers training. Over the years these experience have been documented by Wim Dam (technical director) and have brought the training and education of THEM to level as it is today. 


THEM has written 2 quality handbooks: the Quality Handbook for Narcotic Detection Dog Teams and the first Quality Handbook for Explosive Detection Dog Teams. At several points the quality standards of THEM are exceeding the European standards. The latest developments are immediately added to the quality handbooks and officially up-dated every 2 years. 


The course material of THEM is based on the quality handbooks. Unfortunately, people have copied the work of THEM and they pretend to offer the same quality. Important to mention: It does not make someone a good instructor and dog trainer by just copying the course material.



It is not about us, it is about THEM. THEM is our society.